Here's My Story

I started my career in college as a Division 1 football player starting for the Arkansas Razorbacks and ULM Warhawks. After college and just shy of going to the NFL, I was nationally nominated for the Brandon Burlsworth Award and as the co star role in the national 2016 movie "Greater" as Nathan Norman. Shortly after pursuing movie making and also being apart of the movie "22 Jumpstreet" with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, I decided to get into bodybuilding as a men's physique competitor. After entering my first show I won the title as Mr. Arkansas Physique 2014 and became nationally ranked. Now a Classic Physique competitor ranking top 4 in the state of Oklahoma, I figured out I was becoming passionate about several other things along with competing and being a personal trainer.. I built my first cabin in Broken Bow Oklahoma and decided that I should have a new way of marketing for Realestate and property management for the rental business. Something that captured property on a new level from anything else. I purchased a professional drone and top of the line camcorder to start doing 3D virtual tours to capture the beauty of our property and lake. It occurred to me that I could also do this for weddings, land, and other businesses as well. Whatever I start I finish. I am a competitor in all that I do. I bring out the artistic creative side that I have used and learned through my football, movie making, and bodybuilding career to hand craft you a professional video of your moments and to create a story that will capture your heart and imagination. If you want professional videography, look no further. I will make sure to provide top quality and deliver for you.